Every day in the news it seems like another community has been devastated by a tornado. Recently, seven tornadoes touched down in the western and central parts of Massachusetts, killing three and causing wide-spread damage. Previously, tornadoes caused massive devastation in Joplin. Mo., claiming the lives of over 100 people. Some of the people affected by the tornadoes in Joplin were employees of a sheet metal company.

According to the Carthage Press, Mid-America Precision Products LLC set up a relief fund for its employees. Eight employees of Mid-America were impacted by the recent storms. In fact, one of the company’s Joplin locations suffered water and roof damage.

Times have been tough for sheet metal and HVAC companies as the construction industry struggles to get back on its feet. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said there have been over 1,200 tornadoes in the U.S. during 2011. It’s hard not to think that these disasters are kicking companies when they are down. If it’s not a tornado, it’s massive flooding. Evacuations have been ordered in the states of South Dakota and Kansas where rivers are cresting.

Has your sheet metal or HVAC company been impacted by the recent tornadoes and flooding? Are you helping your employees and your communities to pick up the pieces? Let us know what you are doing to cope with the tornado season.