Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney now has two states under his belt. Earlier this month he narrowly took the state of Iowa, while last night he was a shoo-in for the New Hampshire primary. Now the remaining Republic presidential candidates are setting their sights on South Carolina, where a few believe they can beat Romney. However, some pundits believe that there is no stopping Romney and he will be the choice to run against President Obama.

Romney says what separates him from other candidates (including the current president) is his involvement working in the private sector. As a CEO before his governorship of Massachusetts, Romney says he knows what companies need to succeed. This includes lowering the tax rate and reducing the number of regulations that bog down businesses.

What do you think? Do you think that Romney has an edge because of his private-sector experience? Do you think his time spent in the corporate world makes him more knowledgeable about the challenges business owners and contractors face?

Let us know what you think. If you could change anything that would make business easier for you, what would it be? And can the president do anything about it?