Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that solar panels will be installed on the roof of the White House. The panels, which will be installed by spring 2011, will provide some electricity needs and heat water in the White House living quarters.

This isn’t the first time that the White House has gone solar. President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House back in 1979. They were later taken down when President Ronald Regan took office. President George W. Bush then used solar energy to heat a swimming pool on the White House grounds as well as power a maintenance building. This announcement from Secretary Chu marks a return to solar powering the White House living quarters.

Some media outlets are saying this is the Obama Administrations way of putting its money where its mouth is. By leading by example, the White House is expressing its support for green technology and sustainable building. Do you think that the White House and the government have done enough to support green building? If not, what more can be done? Let us know what you think.