The topic of my blog last month was all about the skyrocketing summer temperatures that were occurring all over the United States. It’s now August. Summer is winding down and stores are starting their “back to school” sales. This means fall is fast approaching.

If you buy into future weather predictions, this fall and winter may be a 180-degree turn from the summer. The Farmer’s Almanac says that this winter approximately 75 percent of the U.S. will experience below normal winter temperatures. The worst of the winter temps will occur in the Great Lakes region of the country, including Michigan, Wisconsin and the northern half of Illinois.

The middle of the country will also be experiencing below average temps. The 2010 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that states like Texas and Louisiana will have a colder and wetter winter, while the Great Plains region will contend with a very cold and snowy season.

On the other hand, the Eastern United States could have normal winter temperatures, while the Western coast experiences a dry and mild winter. So where do you fall geographically? Do you think this winter may help or hurt business? Let us know what you think.