The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series and the excitement in the Bay Area has been electric. With the Giants winning game one in the series against the Texas Rangers, there are quite a few fans that think San Francisco has a good shot at bringing the World Series title to the city by the bay. But what does this have to do with HVAC and sheet metal? Well, just last April, the Giants home stadium, AT&T Park, earned a title of its own. The stadium, which opened to fans in April 2000, has been certified as LEED silver for existing buildings.

According to Major League Baseball, AT&T Park is the first major league ballpark to earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification for existing buildings. Numerous energy efficiency measures were put in place to help the ballpark save on energy costs and energy consumption. For example, AT&T Park, with the help of utility company PG&E, became the first MLB stadium to install a solar energy system. The park also enhanced its building automation systems and performed recommissioning of its entire mechanical system.

Other green features include a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision HD scoreboard, which MLB officials claim is 78 percent more efficient than the stadium’s previous scoreboard. Several water conservation measures and lighting controls were also put in place.

So when you’re watching the World Series over the next week (even if you are rooting for the Rangers) you can pull out this bit of trivia for your fellow baseball fans. Let them know that San Francisco was the first to certify its stadium for existing buildings.