It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially out here on the West Coast where the weather has dropped to freezing temperatures. Cold weather is rarely associated with California, but many in the San Francisco area woke up recently to find their windshields covered with frost. These frigid temperatures are expected to stick around for at least another week. That’s not good news if your HVAC system isn’t working. But it is very good news for HVAC contractors.

Much of the Western Coast is experiencing colder than usual conditions. From Los Angeles all the way up to Washington, temperatures have gotten down right frigid. In fact, a CBS affiliate in Washington covered just how busy HVAC contractors have been due to the weather. KIMA-TV recently spoke to workers at Air FX in Yakima, Wash. The company was slammed when temperatures dropped much faster than many homeowners expected. Some of those homeowners were out of luck when they went to turn on their furnace and found it wasn’t working.

Representatives of Air FX told reporters that it is important for homeowners to do some preventative maintenance on their furnace in preparation for colder weather. To see just how busy Air FX has been, you can watch the KIMA news cast on the web. Just follow this link: .