The educational system is failing our kids, and the HVAC and sheet metal industry should be concerned. The new documentary film “Waiting for Superman,” set to open nationwide in October, is already receiving tons of praise.

The director of the film, Davis Guggenheim (director behind the successful “An Inconvenient Truth), follows a number of families as they struggle to move their child from an underperforming school to a school that has a reputation of excellence. For these families, the only way their children can go to the successful school is if their number is picked in a lottery. The message of the film is that no child should have to win a lottery to get the best education possible.

There are some statistics in the film that will be shocking to anyone that owns and operates an HVAC or sheet metal company. According to the film, the United States ranks 26th in the world when it comes to student math scores, and 21st when it comes to science scores. This should be alarming for an industry that not only needs new workers, but workers with a proficiency in science and math.

The movie is not only getting a lot of praise, but it is already creating a call to arms, and not just from parents. Mark Zuckerburg, CEO and founder of Facebook, recently made headlines when he provided a $100 million grant to the Newark, N.J., school district in an effort to completely revamp the education system. The Newark district, if successful, will work as a model for school district across the country.

It is important for all industries and company owners to realize that if the educational system continues to fail our children, the United States will continue to decline economically. This means everyone has a stake in the future of students in this country.

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