I'm quickly learning all about the fast-moving world of Twitter.

Unless you're especially good at avoiding mass media and popular culture, you've probably at least heard about Twitter, the omnipresent website where people post short, real-time updates -- or "tweets" on what they're doing.

Snips has had its own Twitterpage for a little while, but we recently began using it more often to post what we're working on and interesting (hopefully) industry new items.

Too much of Twitter is still dominated by people who sign up, post meaningless, self-indulgent information such as what they're having for breakfast (A search for the word "pancakes" brought up more than a hundred matches from the last 30 minutes) for a few weeks and then abandon their accounts.

But unless it involves sheet metal, you won't be reading about editors' breakfasts at our site. Twitter, which limits posts to 140 characters, is great for creating short information blasts with links to larger stories. That's why a lot of magazines, newspapers and other media are now becoming active on Twitter. If you visit or become a Twitter "follower" of Snips, you'll see us post about breaking news, stories we're working on and sheet metal items from around the country.

So if you have a Twittter account, I invite you to follow us and if you do, we'll probably follow you, too.