Parts of the United States just couldn’t get a break this winter seasons. Just a few weeks ago, the newscasters were reporting on “Snowmaggedon.” Airports were closed all over the East Coast, and many people were digging themselves out of their homes. In fact, it is reported that Baltimore and Washington D.C., both broke snowfall records.

I’m originally from Ohio, so I’m no stranger to winter weather and the havoc that snowfall can create. But I was just thinking about how record snowfall must have impacted businesses. What do you do when there are jobs that need to be done and the snow makes it virtually impossible?

It seems like during a tough economic year, snow is just one more kick while your down. Or maybe all of the snow is good news. Once the snow is cleared, are there more home and building owners looking for ways to improve their heating system?

Let us know how you are surviving “snowmaggedon,” and the impact that this year’s snowfall has had on your company.