Slowly, but surely. That is how it is looking with the stimulus funds that were meant to jumpstart the economy and the construction industry.

Perhaps you’ve been driving down the highway and saw some road construction. And at the beginning of the construction site is a large green highway sign exclaiming that the project is due in part to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. I’ve seen plenty of them. That’s great, but what about mechanical construction projects?

Well, there is at least one that we know of. If you receive the Snips e-newsletter, you may have seen the news brief in our Sheet Metal in the News section. A naval base in San Diego chose Souza Construction in Farmersville, Calif., to install rooftop units at several navy and marine buildings. The contract is worth $1 million. The work is expected to be completed in September 2010, according to theNavy Compass, the navy newspaper in San Diego.

Are there any other building projects that you know of that are being funded by stimulus money? Come across any stories in your local newspaper? If you know any, or are involved in any, let us know.