If the media is to be believed, we may actually be slowly (very slowly) moving out of a recession. Whether it is true or just wishful thinking, focusing on the positive aspects of the economy will have better results than dwelling on the negative.

So what is the media reporting? According to several newspapers, heating and air-conditioning contractors are making sure that their customers are aware of the energy efficiency tax credits available through the federal stimulus package. Homeowners can receive a 30 percent tax credit, up to $1,500, for energy upgrades to their home. This includes HVAC upgrades, new insulation, roofing products, energy efficient windows, etc.

It seems that more often that not, if a contractor mentions the tax credit to homeowners, they are willing to make the purchase. The tax credits are making it more viable for customers to replace their aging HVAC system, rather than just repair it.

Also,  the Associated Builders and Contractors is reporting that single-family housing starts grew 2.8 percent in April. This is a small percentage, but it’s not bad for a housing market that was virtually dead a few months ago.

Finally, the cable news channels were all a twitter when the Dow closed above 200 points on June 1. I can’t be certain if any of this is a real indicator of a recovering economy, but it has to count for something.