I heard an interesting National Public Radio report on the economic stimulus funding on my way to work this morning.

I heard an interesting  National Public Radio report on my way to work this morning.

The reporter had just completed a study of the Obama administration’s claim that the $787 billion economic stimulus has already created more than 150,000 jobs. What she found, however, was the actual number directly attributable to the stimulus was a lot smaller - about 50. Yes, five-zero.

In most cases, the jobs created or saved by the stimulus were positions such as ”infrastructure czars” who were charged with overseeing public works projects that would have been put on hold without the influx of cash.

Perhaps its too soon to be expected much else, but I wondered - as did the other NPR radio reporters - just what happened to all those “shovel ready” projects we were supposed to see.

Our May cover story was on the stimulus, and we’re hoping to follow up soon with an article featuring some of the projects and the contractors working on them. But after hearing that report, I fear we’re going to be waiting a while.