With all of the talk about green building and energy efficient HVAC systems, the Snips staff got to thinking about the energy efficiency of cars. More specifically, your service trucks. How energy efficient is your fleet?

Contractors today have to sell more energy efficient options to their customers. So when it comes to buying a new vehicle for your company, have you looked at “green” options? I would love to hear from some contractors who have purchased energy efficient vehicles. Do you know anyone who has a natural gas, bio-diesel or hybrid vehicle in their fleet? Maybe you’ve even just made a conscious effort to start purchasing vehicles with better gas mileage. Whatever the story, let me know.

Snips will feature these contractors in an upcoming article. We want to know when you purchased your alternative fuel vehicle and what kind of impact it has had on your company. You can leave a comment on this blog page or just send me an e-mail at siegelj@bnpmedia.com. Can’t wait to hear from you.