If you don't have handcuffs, consider grabbing a roll of duct tape.

Out of the "strange news" file comes this item I found yesterday on the Detroit Free Press Web site.

A United Airlines crew resorted to using duct tape to keep an angry passenger in her seat until the plane, flying from Puerto Rico to Chicago, could make an emergency landing in North Carolina, the Associated Press reported.

Apparently, the woman hit a flight attendant on her butt and attempted to pull out the hair of another passenger. The crew was forced to use duct tape when the ankle cuffs kept slipping off.

The AP said alcohol was involved in the incident -- no surprise there. But it always surprises me how often duct tape is in the news.

The story isa href="link:http:// http://www.freep.com/article/20081106/NEWS07/81106070">here.