If you are reading this blog post then you are familiar with what you can find on the Snips Web site.

Besides the Snips blogs, visitors to the site get latest news, web exclusives and more. But while the Web site offers a wealth of information, it can't replace the print edition. Who doesn't like finding a new magazine in their mailbox each month?

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure our subscribers renew their subscription. It's easy to do. In fact, since you are on the Web site right now, just follow this link,www.submag.com/sub/VV?&pk=WBlog. Not only will this ensure that you will keep getting Snips each month, it will also help you to avoid getting any phone calls or e-mails reminding you to renew. So keep reading the Snips Web site, but make sure you renew your print edition before you log off.