If you’re a frequent Starbuck’s customer, maybe you have noticed that your coffee cup has something to say. Next time you order your grande latte, check out the side of the cup. You’ll find a quote from a series of quotes called “The way I see it.” The quotes come from a variety of individuals from world leaders to celebrities, authors, musicians and more.

On my recent trip to Starbucks, my coffee cup had this quote from John Ratzenberger:

“The manual arts have always taken precedence over the fine arts. Remember, somebody had to build a ceiling before Michelangelo could go to work.”

If you don’t remember, John Ratzenberger played Cliff Clavin on the TV show "Cheers." Currently, Ratzenberger is the host of "John Ratzenberger’s Made in America" on the Travel Channel. The show profiles men and women from all over the country who work with their hands, are employed by the building trades, and invent products that people use every day.

Ratzenberger also co-founded the Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs Foundation, which aims to provide awareness of the building trades to young people.

This quote from Ratzenberger made me pause. As the associate editor for a trade magazine, I was proud to see this quote on my coffee cup. I hope that other Starbucks customers saw the quote and it made them think for a moment about the importance of the building trades.