At least something good is coming out of the floods that hit Iowa last month. Contractors are hiring.

I would never want to make light of a disaster such as the floods that hit parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri in June.

But if there is a positive to such an event, it might be that the region suddenly has a large need for contractors to rebuild damaged homes, businesses and other buildings.

As happened in central Florida following hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, and after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans three years ago, building trades workers are pouring into the storm-damaged cities. The Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Gazette reported Friday that workers from as far as Michigan and Florida have been called in by union halls to assist.

Sheet Metal Workers union Local 263 Business Manager Randy Sconyers told the paper its been a decade since the union needed help from other locals. He said at 30 additional workers will be needed to clean and replace the flooded ductwork in many buildings.

I'm glad workers from across the nation are pouring in to help.

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