That is what the sign said hanging above the door of my local laundromat.

Seeing that sign definitely made me stop in my tracks. In fact, it made me grab my camera from home and take these photos

I live in San Francisco, and this sign was just another reminder to me that California is really ahead of the curve sometimes when it comes to energy and "green" technology. Now I know that solar is nothing new, but to see solar panels sitting on top of a building that was built in the early 1900s is definitely an awesome sight. And it made me think that if you can get solar panels on a building this old, what is stopping other businesses and buildings from doing the same.

After taking my photos, I was able to speak to the manager of the laundromat. It turns out that her son bought the property from a woman who installed the solar panels over 15 years ago. But for some reason, the panels were never operational until now. The solar panels heat a giant hot water tank in the building, which in turn heats all the water used for cleaning clothes in the laundromat. But it not only benefits the laundromat on the ground level of the building, but tenants that live in the apartments located on the upper floors above the laundromat.

This old Edwardian style building located in the heart of San Francisco, and which has probably been around since the great California earthquake of 1906, is heating water with the use of solar panels. I think this just another sign of the times. A good sign of the times that maybe we are moving forward in a smarter direction of energy use.

So are there any unique places where you are seeing solar power used? Let me know.