Mr. Sheet Metal may have a new favorite movie.

He and Little Mrs. Sheet Metal recently saw "Juno" on DVD. The popular, award-winning film centers on a 16-year-old Minnesota high school student, Juno MacGuff, played by Ellen Page. She discovers that she's pregnant.

The offbeat, often-funny film chronicles Juno's life as she decides to give the baby up for adoption to an upscale married couple.

But what made Mr. Sheet Metal happiest was that fact Juno's father, played by J.K. Simmons, was an HVAC repairman. He's seen sitting around the kitchen table, working on air-conditioning parts.

And the movie included this wonderful exchange between adoptive parent Vanessa, played by Jennifer Garner, and Mac MacGuff, Juno's supportive father:

"Did you ever feel like you were destined for something?" Vanessa asked.

"Yes," Juno's dad replied. "Heating and air conditioning."

Mr. Sheet Metal -- and he bets a lot of Snips readers -- couldn't have said it any better.

On a different topic, this is goodbye for Mr. Sheet Metal, who has enjoyed his time as the Snips blog mascot. He will be heading off to a nearby recycling center and will be replaced on this Web page with Short Cuts, a blog written by editors James J. Siegel and Michael McConnell. He has enjoyed his time telling you of his tin-man-about-town adventures and hoped you enjoyed reading them.