As one of the Snips editors, I'm always online looking for sheet metal related stories. I usually find at least one about a sheet metal worker that was either hurt or killed on the job.

Most recently, I read an article in the Florida Times-Union about a construction worker in Brunswick, Ga., that was killed when sheet metal fell off the Jered LLC plant. The plant manufactures cranes and heavy machinery for ships.

And speaking of cranes, the government is cracking down on safety standards for cranes and tower construction. This comes after two cranes used for high-rise buildings collapsed in New York City killing a total of nine people. Similar crane collapses have happened all over the country. Many experts believe that in most cases, the accidents occurred because standards for crane operation and set up are outdated. Also, in some states, there is no certification for crane operation.

So here are my questions: Are more accidents happening on the jobsite or is the media just covering it more? Have you seen a jump in the amount of accidents that are happening in the field? And what are you doing to make sure your employees are safe?

Let me know your thoughts.