If you've been reading Snips recently, you've seen us write a number of articles recently about workers who are now in their 20s and 30s that some industry people hope will fill the expected HVAC and sheet metal worker shortage in coming years.

Seminars about Generation X, Y, "echo boomers" and "millennial"s are popping up at almost every convention I attend. I'm no demographer, but the "expert" opinions of some of these convention speakers seem little more than oversimplified generalizations to me: "Generation Xers are not as interested in work; "echo boomers have short attention spans," etc.

I know lazy people in all age brackets and hard workers who are barely out of their teens.

I understand the needs of the construction industry to broaden its worker base, but I'll be interested to see if the industry attempts to make itself more attractive to these younger workers. There are some parts of the industry that just won't appeal to many people. I look forward to some follow-up seminars in a few years to see how things are faring.