It's hard to imagine a service company being in business for 100 years, but I visited one such company yesterday. That company is Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning in Oakland, Calif.

Atlas celebrated the milestone back in May of this year. Since I live in San Francisco and Atlas is only a short commute over the San Francisco Bay, I thought I'd pay them a visit.

When you walk in the door at Atlas, the history of the company is prominent. In each section of the building, you are reminded that this is a company that has been around for a long time. There are old black and white photos framed on the walls. Photos of employees from decades past, as well as prominent San Francisco landmarks the company has worked on. In fact, if you go into Atlas' sheet metal shop, you'll find Pittsburgh machines that are about half a century old and still being used today.

I could go on and on about the history of Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning, but then I wouldn't have any information left for my article on the company. That article is slated to run in our October issue.

But before I close out my blog post, I wanted to mention one more impressive thing. I sat down with Bob Tuck, the owner of Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning. He is the third generation owner of the company and he runs the business with his wife Lisa. Their son Hunter also works for the company and would love to one day take over for his father. I had the opportunity to talk to the three of them together. After talking about the 100 year history of their business, we got to talking about family-owned businesses, and what it is like to work with family every day.

While there are always ups and downs, you can tell that this family really enjoys working together and being together. It was a great deal of fun to listen to the three of them reminisce about the business and how it has changed since they took over. You can tell the family takes a great deal of pride in who they are as a company and the service they provide.

You can hear a lot of horror stories about family-owned businesses, but this is not one of them. In fact, I think this is a company that could be around for another 100 years.

With that in mind, do you know any sheet metal or heating and air-conditioning companies that have also been around for a long time? Maybe you know some family-owned companies that are successful and have some great stories to tell. Pass along the company name. We'd love to give them a spotlight in the pages of Snips.