It's almost summer, but I can't stop thinking about the economy.

Summer is suppose to be a busy and profitable time for HVAC companies, especially when temperatures start to soar. I'm not sure what type of summer we're going to have. If temperatures are below normal for parts of the country, I think some air-conditioning contractors might find the coming months to be a struggle.

But what about all of the new construction workers? How are you seeing things shape up for this summer? Some customers will pay whatever they need to pay to get their air conditioner working during the summer months. But for sheet metal contractors that rely on the new construction market as part of their business, are you worried about staying profitable? Do you have some jobs already in the pipeline for this summer?

If new construction work is starting to dry up, what are you doing to stay busy this summer? Leave a comment and let us know what your game plan is for the summer season.