For the May issue of Snips, we spoke with residential contractors about the economy and whether it was having an impact on their business. What we found, in my opinion, was surprising.

While contractors aren’t having the best year ever as far as profitability, many are still doing well despite the current market. Some customers aren’t willing to pay for upgrades in their systems. Other customers are just putting off any kind of projects, which means some HVAC contractors are noticing that their phones don’t ring the way they use to.

But with all of this in mind, the contractors I spoke to have been optimistic. And you can read all about their strategies in the next issue of Snips. As one contractor put it, when the economy begins to slow down, it’s the well-run companies that separate themselves from the fly-by-night contractors.

So what do you think? How are you doing and what strategies are you employing to keep the phones ringing? And remember to check out our May issue to read what other contractors are up to.