Every article I've read about the housing market and foreclosures says that the worst is yet to come. I read one statistic that said in 2007, 1.3 million American households were facing foreclosure.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Contra Costa County, just north of San Francisco, is facing the worst foreclosure rate in the Bay Area. That county has seen a 30 percent increase over last year for homeowners who are failing to pay their mortgages.

And now the finger pointing is really hitting epic proportions. The latest news says that the FBI has started probing bank lender Countrywide for possible loan fraud.

So with all of this in mind, how has this foreclosure nightmare affected your business? I would imagine that for those involved in new construction, this can't be good news. But I would also guess that for those involved in service and retrofit, the current economic outlook has some customers and building owners putting off any major projects. Or am I wrong?

Let us know how your business is doing under the current circumstances. What is like out there for sheet metal and HVAC contractors, and how are you getting through it?