Snips is at the International Roofing Expo this week, checking out the latest in metal-roofing products. A seminar I attended this morning, however, was about anything but newness.

During "Understanding Metal Roofing," metal-roofing expert Rob Haddock showed some examples of metal roofs that dated back to biblical times and are still standing. Wow! Certainly gives a boost to those who like to talk about the longevity of metal. He also showed pictures of a few U.S. roofs that were installed by Paul Revere, the patriot who founded Revere Copper, which is still in existence -- and exhibiting at this show.

Las Vegas is full of newer, but no less high-profile examples of metal roofs. Many casinos, such as the Paris and Bellagio, use standing-seam metal. I wonder how many tourists take the time to notice such details.