Snips is in Colorado Springs, Colo., this week for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America's 40th convention. A session yesterday on Web site marketing was pretty revealing. Of those in attendance, most said their company Web sites were only so-so, grading them a "C" at best.

Snips staffers are constantly reviewing looking for ways to improve it. The speaker also said too many HVAC contractors are cheap when it comes to spending money on Web sites. I've visited plenty of tired-looking industry sites, so that may be true. But why is that? Are many contractors too busy running their main operations to worry about the Internet?

He had two suggestions that stuck with me: Don't put polar bears on your Web page -- I've heard that before -- and he refuses to put any NASCAR driver pictures or logos on his clients' sites. He said they're pointless.

Are there any on your Web site? Consider that a warning.