In this month's issue of Snips, we put the spotlight on M.G. McGrath, a Maplewood, Minn.-based company that has used its experience to provide architectural sheet metal services for several projects.

It's not the first time M.G. McGrath has been featured on the cover of Snips. Last time they were featured in our November 2005 issue for their work on the Denver Art Museum.

This time around they are on the cover of Snips for working on the Ave Maria Oratory in Ave Maria, Fla. The oratory is 103-feet tall and features a curved roof that called for over 5,000 sheet metal panels. The company also worked on a 50-foot aspe roof located at the back of the oratory. It is covered in diamond-shaped hook-seam shingles.

For Snips, featuring projects such as the Ave Maria oratory gives us the opportunity to show our readers what other contractors are doing. We know that every day there are sheet metal contractors working on important and unique projects. So what kind of projects are going on in your neighborhood? Or what is your current sheet metal project? Let us know, you might end up in the pages of Snips.