For the past week, parts of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area have been pounded by winter storms. Every day it has been one storm system after another, and some have brought some powerful winds averaging up to 70 mph.

Some media outlets in the Bay Area were reporting that approximately 400,000 customers lost power and electricity during the storms. The rainfall brought everything that Bay Area residents are accustom to during these times, including flooding and mudslides.

Weather like this reminds us how we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature. For example, the wildfires in Southern California last October illustrate just how bad it can get.

As a contractor, how do you deal with the forces of nature? What do you do when fires and floods start to hamper your ability to do your job? And how has the weather specifically impacted your business?

Perhaps you are a contractor in Southern California. What stories do you have about the wildfires? Share your weather-related stories. We’d love to hear how you got through it.