My apologies to the estate of James Brown for the alteration of his famous song's title for this blog entry's headline.

But it occurred to me when I saw a story in the Dec. 23 issue of Twist, a female-oriented magazine produced by the Detroit Free Press.

The magazine had a short interview with Michelynn Maeder, a 38-year-old female HVAC installer who works for Liberty Total Comfort Systems in Redford, Mich.

Maeder formerly was a stay-at-home parent who once worked in accounting, but today Maeder said she prefers heating and air-conditioning work.

“It keeps me fit,” she told the Twist writer. “I don’t need to work out when I come home at night.”

She also said she didn't know any other females in her line of work, although she's met women who were electricians and builders.

I've met several female HVAC workers in my time at Snips, although they're rare. I've written about a few of them. I won't rehash why so few women are in construction; that subject has been written about many times, including in Snips. Most recently, I wrote "Breaking through: Study urges SMACNA, union work harder to attract women, minorities to industry" for our June 2007 issue.

Some people think construction jobs are destined to attract only a handful of women, even as females become common in other careers that formerly were all-male fields.

My questions: Do any of you work with females on installation or fabrication jobs? How do they rate their experiences? Do you see any ways more women would enter the industry?