TZOA, a pioneering smart air quality technology company, is changing its name to HAVEN as it launches the new HAVEN Central Air Controller. Along with the bold new look and brand comes a fresh approach to air quality management. Combined with the existing HAVEN Central Air Monitor, the HAVEN Controller builds an ecosystem that makes any HVAC system smarter and homes healthier by detecting harmful pollutants and automatically circulating fresh air within the home. 

HVAC systems are typically used for comfort to heat and cool the home. Recent environmental issues such as heatwaves and forest fires, and health concerns such as COVID-19, have increased awareness of the need for improved air quality (IAQ) and led to a surge of interest in room air purifiers. Compared with other products that are loud, inefficient and take up living space, HAVEN’s air purifying solution automatically manages the whole-home using the existing central HVAC systems.

Introduced in 2020, the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is unlike other IAQ devices as it is the only system mounted directly within the duct, where it can monitor airborne pollutants across the entire home. It combines the diagnostic power of miniaturized, research-grade particulate sensing lasers and chemical sensors to detect levels of airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, odours, and materials off-gassing. The addition of the HAVEN Central Air Controller allows for the HAVEN system to automatically control an HVAC system and ancillary equipment, taking action and responding by optimizing filtration, ventilation, or humidity levels on-demand.

“Room air purifiers are great for cleaning small spaces such as apartments, yet few know that for average to large sized homes, our existing HVAC systems are the best method for circulating the air and capturing contaminants," says Kevin Hart, CEO and Founder of HAVEN. “We developed the HAVEN brand and ecosystem to allow any HVAC system to deliver clean air, as well as comfort. Today, more than ever, it is essential your home is safe, healthy, and free of pollutants that can harm your family. Our new name, look and feel reflects our fresh approach to air quality management, and we look forward to bringing it into millions of homes in North America.” 

Over the coming year, HAVEN will expand its ecosystem and develop more advanced algorithms and additional software services for homeowners and HVAC professionals. It also plans to expand its sales channel.  

Already deployed in thousands of homes, the HAVEN Monitor uses the "arteries" of the home, aka ductwork, to capture an understanding of how the indoor environment is doing. It uses individually calibrated lasers that scatter light across the moving air within the duct to detect harmful particles known as PM2.5. It monitors air pollution and comfort levels, including chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM), relative humidity, air velocity, and temperature to indicate whether a home needs improved filtration, ventilation or humidity control.

Information is delivered to homeowners via the HAVEN IAQ app and to HVAC Professionals via the HAVEN Pro web portal. Transmitted via WIFI, the app provides 24/7 air quality insights and historical data. The app also provides notifications and alerts as well as recommendations such as IAQ-friendly cleaning tips. In addition, it has an in-app “Contact your HAVEN Pro” function to connect with technicians to address any major concerns, such as upgrading filters during wildfire events.  

The web portal allows HVAC professionals to monitor air quality for multiple customers within a single dashboard. Perfect for service/maintenance contracts, it provides individually tailored reports and ongoing touchpoints with customers to foster trust and long-term sales.