To say that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a “wake-up call” for industries around the world would be the the understatement of an already too long year. A number of highly anticipated spring and summer events for HVAC contractors have been either canceled or rescheduled. Meantime, state governments are setting their own timelines for when things will be back to normal.

Even in the absence of any new novel coronavirus infections, our industry may never get back to the "normal" we once knew. But with the right preparation, change doesn't have to hit us as hard as this pandemic did. 

In many states, construction workers are deemed "essential"  and a number of sheet metal workers and HVAC contractors are still going to work. Whatever the case may be in your state, I want to hear from you about how the coronavirus is interrupting your operations for a special feature story in SNIPS

Contact me at and let's have a chat about what you are hearing from your HVAC contractors. 

In a matter of days, the virus progressed from being a distant dilemma to deadly and at our doorstep. But how has it hit your company? Our goal is to highlight those who are still going to work everyday and, at the same token, give a voice for the concerns of those who can't.