With its initial launch as a company last fall, Nygra Coatings unveiled its marquee coating technology which it promises will “disrupt” the cool paint industry.   

Available in two colors (Rigid Black and Rigid White), the Nygra Coatings repels heat-causing IR radiation, dramatically reducing air conditioning requirements in hot climates. Coatings can reportedly reduce both surface temperatures and internal ambient temperatures by 35°F or more compared to standard cool paints, making them ideal for facilities seeking to reduce temperatures, manage cooling costs, reduce energy use and support sustainability initiatives.

Tested by the Cool Roof Rating Council, application of Nygra Coatings is done using a standard gravity feed spray gun and requires a single application at a recommended thickness of only two millimeters. Nygra’s Rigid Black and Rigid White can be applied at a thickness of 2 mils (2/1000 of an inch) or 0.05 mm. By contrast, the conventional paint thickness is approximately 7 times thicker (15 mils or 0.375 mm). It can be applied on top of existing paints, other coatings and smooth surfaces, including concrete and rubber, and lasts eight to 10 years.

A subsidiary of Bambu Global, learn more about Nygra Coatings at bambuglobal.com/companies/nygra-coating/.