The Surefire Punchlist app isn't just another way to accomplish something GCs are already doing, 8th Domain Technology's co-founder and CEO Michael Tishman explains.

"Elaborating on the punch list process, we were told that the tools currently available are either modules bundled into much larger (and very expensive and overly complicated) construction management CRM applications, or your typical (yet extremely inefficient) spreadsheets," he says. "Unnecessary travel time to job sites and subcontractor accountability was also part of the discussion."

Since its initial launch last year, Surefire Punchlist app has been tested live on work-site usage and in testing and app enhancements for the build-outs of over 30 Planet Fitness franchise locations by NNI Construction, the app's first general contractor subscriber.

It's recently announced update includes improved functionality and is available for download as a three-month trial. 

According to 8th Domain Technology, the Surefire app has more than 400 users working on construction projects in 9 different states across the U.S., saving its users (project managers, project executives, architects, admins and subcontractors) on average between 4 to 6 man-hours per week per person.