Hypertherm’s three new torch sleeves for XPR plasma cutting torches and lead sets allow the sets to remain axially fixed while the torch holding device rotates 360 degrees in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. This capability is meant to enhance torch lead life in high-flex applications. 

The new sleeves — available in short, medium, and extended lengths — are ideal for bevel or 3D/robotic cutting applications when using either an XPR170 or XPR300 X-Definition Plasma system. Pre-sealed, high precision bearings reduce axial play by 90 percent and radial play by 81 percent while laboratory testing shows ISO-9013 Range 2 cut quality on thin mild steel and extended ISO Range 3 cuts on thicker metals.

Both X-Definition systems contain patent-pending processes like Vented Water Injection (VWI), plasma dampening, and Cool Nozzle technologies for squarer cut edges, markedly less angularity, and surface finish on non-ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Learn more about X-Definition Plasma torch sleeves at hypertherm.com/plasmaprecisely.