Installing a rainscreen and lath separately requires additional fasteners and increases labor costs. Metal mesh poses a safety hazard to the workers during installation due to sharp metal. Installing absorptive cladding over wood-based sheathing can lead to moisture damage to the wall assembly.

The DELTA-DRY & LATH is a 2-in-1 product that combines the proven technology of the DELTA-DRY rainscreen with an innovative fiberglass lath for a complete, one-step moisture control and lath system in one. By combining these two critical components in one, an entire step is eliminated from the construction process. DELTA-DRY & LATH completely eliminates the need for a metal lath, providing easier and safer handling for the installer. The alkali-resistant glass is not affected by chemicals and will not corrode. 

Solar-driven moisture is stopped before it can do any damage. At the same time, DELTA-DRY & LATH also allows any incidental moisture from within the wall to dry to the outside:

Air-gap Technology

Using DELTA-DRY’s channeled polyethylene sheeting that dries and drains, DELTA-DRY & LATH blocks solar-driven moisture and allows any moisture from within the wall to dry.

Cuts labor time

It eliminates one whole step from your installation. DELTA-DRY rainscreen is combined with a fiberglass lath instead of metal, which also makes it lightweight and easier to cut.

Saves you money

A better-protected home means fewer costly call-backs. DELTA-DRY & LATH lasts longer and goes on faster.