In a primer on ASHRAE’s new “Building Our New Energy Future” report, ASHRAE president Sheila Hayter galvanized members to make way for change in how building energy systems interact. 

“Instead of individual systems — buildings, utilities, the transportation sector, and the industry sector — it’s becoming one system, and buildings are going to play a central role in that new paradigm,” says Hayter, who was recently named ES Magazine’s one of 20 to Watch: Women in HVAC. “Buildings will be where energy is generated, stored, and commandeered, and we will be optimizing energy flow in a different way.”

She adds, “We may not have the answers right now, but what ASHRAE can do is cross over into other sectors—the power sector, the big data sector (including cybersecurity) and the transportation sector that’s becoming electrified. We need to step into the room and be part of the conversation to find new strategies for these sectors to interact. My platform is a wake-up call.”

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