Last week at AHR, Duro Dyne unveiled its new BAW5 Free Standing Spot-welding Machine for commercial and industrial markets.

The BAW5 is capable of welding metal from 30 to 11 gauge. It operates on 220 Volt/single phase power and also requires a 110 volt power source for the onboard water pump. The only adjustment needed to change from light to heavy gauge material is adjusting the length of the time of the weld, by turning a dial. And there's more!

Here are five more features we love:

  • This system is fed by water pumped from a 5 gallon bucket. No piped in water is necessary.
  • The five-foot throat of the BAW allows you to weld longer pieces with minimal movement of the material.
  • The low profile bottom arm and tip assembly enable you to weld pipe and fittings having a cross sectional dimension as small as six inches.
  • The BAW5 is operated via an electric foot switch which operates the arm pneumatically.
  • The operator is able to release the foot switch at anytime to stop they cycle in order to correct any errors.

The BAW’s unique water cooling system injects water into the rear end of the arm and then continues through the entire arm to the tip, ensuring both the arm and tip assembly never overheat. The solid state relays and the safety controls that are used in the BAW5 have been proved to be reliable for years in machinery manufactured by Duro Dyne.

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