KMT Waterjet Systems, has launched a waterjet cut calculator mobile app to help maximize water jet cutting efficiency and productivity.

The feature rich waterjet cut calculator app compares abrasive cutting of materials (aluminum, brass, copper, granite, steel, titanium and more), showing the difference in cut speeds and abrasive usage between 60,000psi and 90,000psi.

Cutting at 90,000psi maximizes productivity, capacity, and profitability and decreases the overall abrasive garnet usage up to 50%.

The KMT Waterjet Streamline PRO series 90,000psi pump, reduces operating pump costs with the patented SUPRAlife metal-to-metal seals which are guaranteed for 500 hours of usage with the KMT Genuine Service preventive maintenance program.

The KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator is available for free as a Smartphone App for iPhones on the Apple Store or Android mobile devices too on GooglePlay.

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