Through a new partnership with daily reporting and field management app, Raken, Alta Construction will be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with its clients around the U.S., and provide an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability on its construction projects.

Why Alta Construction calls the software an industry 'game-changer'

Equipped with Raken's cloud-based software, Alta coordinates data for clients around the country, gathering project updates, photos, and other documentation together in a single place, where it is accessible in a timely and easy-to-understand manner.

"Working with Raken has been a game-changer for our clients and us," says Tyler Guith, general superintendent for Alta. "From manpower tracking to daily reports, our clients can keep track of every single task in a project because all the data is logged. And it's so simple to use that everyone involved in a project, no matter their job title or experience, is embracing it, and that's allowed us to upgrade our workflows consistently, across the board."

Raken enhances the relationships between contractors and their clients by increasing the communication and data flowing between them. Raken's time-saving benefits help contractors capture more data in less time, and its convenient, easily accessible dashboard provides a transparent, up-to-the-second record of the project.

"We had a completely different experience with Alta," says Troy Stevens, Director of Facilities and Capital Projects at Wedgewood Weddings. "They sent us Raken daily reports every single day of the project, and the detailed data they provided helped us build trust and stay up-to-date with project updates. We felt like we were on site."

Utilizing Raken to build trust and relationships with their clients helps Alta jump to the top of the list for bids on future projects. They've found that detailed daily reports have been one of the key drivers in acquiring repeat business.

"Alta needs to be focused on construction, so communicating with their clients should be as seamless and fluid as possible," says Raken CEO and Founder Kyle Slager. "We're committed to helping contractors like Alta coordinate field data quickly, accurately, and efficiently so they can set themselves apart by providing their clients a superior experience."  

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