After introducing the time-saving advantages of the C-RHEX chuck driver’s reversible 1/4 -5/16 hex socket barrel and easily-cleanable magnet last year, Malco has added new 2-3/4” (MSHLC), 4” (MSHMLC) and 6” (MSHXLC) lengths.

C-RHEX chuck drivers save time by ensuring that the two most popular magnetic hex drives are always at hands reach. The removable, reversible socket barrel of the C-RHEX also allows access for cleaning the magnet tipped shaft with just a swipe of a cloth or glove. Fast and easy elimination of troublesome buildups of metal shavings in the hex opening ensures positive engagement of the hex head fastener.

Tested torque of all C-RHEX drivers is equal to comparable length one-piece, single-size drivers and you actually pay less per hex size. The longer the C-RHEX driver, the more you save! Beyond the value of the initial price point however, is labor savings on the job and the optimum pairing of a C-RHEX with the speed, performance and head height of Malco Zip-in and Bit-Tip screws; a perfect system that protects the magnet, ensures a flush seat in the C-RHEX driver and a flush seat in the metal being joined.

Watch a video demonstration of the C-RHEX Cleanable-Reversible Magnetic Hex Chuck Driver