European, Canadian and other international steel producers are wondering if the temporary exemptions to the recently enacted tariffs on imported steel and aluminum will be made permanent.

A temporary exemption to the 25 percent tariff on foreign steel and 10 percent tax on aluminum granted to Canada, Mexico, the European Union and other key trading partners is due to expire at midnight unless the White House grants a longer or permanent exception.

The Trump administration said it is still considering its options. EU officials said the trading bloc is prepared to retaliate with its own tariffs on a variety of U.S. exports, including bourbon and HVAC equipment.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, which represents 320 manufacturers of HVAC equipment, has called for President Donald Trump to drop the taxes. A group of industrial manufacturers launched a campaign and website last week to pressure the White House to end the month-old tariffs that they say are already killing jobs.