With a new year in full swing, construction contractors and professionals have ample opportunity to boost their industry know-how at one of the must-attend events for 2018. Construction events offer a variety of tools, training, and insight into construction trends, from understanding surety bonds and pricing to beefing up marketing, business management, and construction design. These three events below are prime opportunities to gain the knowledge necessary to make 2018 a successful year in construction.

American Institute of Architects conference

June 21-23 in New York City

This year’s American Institute of Architects Conference, Blueprint for Better Cities, is a must-attend for construction professionals interested in learning about how to contribute to sustainable, equitable towns, cities, and communities throughout the United States. The 2018 AIA conference brings together some of the industry’s leading architects, designers, and construction professionals to engage in open discussion surrounding how to best make a difference in the space for years to come. Topics ranging from energy and carbon to design and health will be presented, all which can be used by construction contractors to get a feel for what’s needed in projects both now and in the future. Registration, additional information, and sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

Construction Financial Management Association annual conference

June 23-27, Miami Beach, Florida

At this year’s Construction Financial Management Association’s annual conference and exhibition, construction professionals from around the world are invited to take a deep dive into all things financial. The management of construction businesses is no small task, and the business financials that are necessary to maintain a cost-effective operation require some know-how. The annual conference and exhibition gives construction professionals an opportunity to network with other industry participants and leaders, learn about construction market trends, and understand the surety bond, financial, and credit markets impacting the industry. The conference tracts also include information regarding construction contractor tax issues, best practices for operating a business, and financial accounting standards. Information regarding transportation, accommodations, and registration can be found on the CFMA website.

Construction Management Association of America National Conference

October 14-16, Las Vegas

Later in the year, the Construction Management Association of America will hold its national conference and trade show in Las Vegas, bringing together construction managers and contractors for three days of training and invaluable information. The CMAA national conference and trade show is meant to provide an arena for sharing innovative solutions in construction management as well as offer an opportunity to network with other industry professionals and construction management leaders. Through many plenary and breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and trade show floor demonstrations, the CMAA national conference prepared construction managers and contractors for what’s needed to be successful in the upcoming year. Information regarding registration, hotel accommodations, and speaker lists can be found here.

Attending any one of the listed construction-focused events is sure to bring a new wave of excitement for what’s taking place in the industry as well as provide a chance to gain valuable insight into what’s necessary to thrive in construction for this year and beyond.