The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association has introduced a cloud-based estimating database using Harrison Publishing House’s CINX platform.

“We are proud to partner with PHCC to provide this new labor-unit service to its membership,” said Harrison President David McPhaul. “PHCC members across the country will be able to prepare more accurate estimates and improve their project performance by accessing their labor unit costs through our industry-leading CINX platform.”

The database includes more than 13,000 national average installation times, third-party verification of labor hours and cross-platform compatible data with a growing list of software vendors. Database users also gain access to an in-depth material pricing format and options to create their own pricing workbook.

“This innovative cloud-based technology gives contractors an instant gateway to proven plumbing and piping installation times — anywhere, anytime — allowing them to become more efficient and more profitable,” said former PHCC President Patrick Wallner. “It’s the latest addition to new products and services that PHCC is developing to help our members become the ‘contractor of choice’ in their markets.”

The database is available online at