Kansas City, Missouri-based AJ Manufacturing recently completed its move into a new 70,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and headquarters, which company officials said has increased capacity by 50 percent. 

“We were able to design the new building from the ground up to maximize efficiency and plan for future growth,” said Tony Williams, general manager of AJ Manufacturing. “The increased space and new equipment will speed production, dramatically increase capacity and help reduce our already excellent lead times.”

AJ Manufacturing’s new facility in the suburbs of Kansas City more than doubles its previous plant, company officials said. In addition, the company has added a new tower loader for laser cutting machines as well as a new powder coating system.

The company produces a wide range of standard and custom stainless steel products for the HVAC industry and specializes in serving critical environments such as hospitals, clean rooms and water treatment plants. Company officials said it expects demand for its Criti-Clean fan-powered laminar flow HEPA diffuser to increase.

“Our Criti-Clean FFU continues to be a top seller for us, and we will now be able to produce them faster to meet increased demand,” Williams said. “The industry has really responded to the Criti-Clean’s unique features, including higher CFM (cubic feet per  minute) output, room-side CFM display and control and optional built-in, surgical-grade lighting.”