Uniweld Products Inc. has launched a new addition to its product line, the U5VP2 5.5 CFM vacuum pump. This two-stage vacuum pump is built for deep vacuum and long-term reliable service on many appliances, including residential and commercial air-conditioning units and commercial refrigeration systems. Uniweld’s U5VP2 5.5 cubic feet per minute 2-stage vacuum pump features quarter-inch and 3/8-inch male flare intake fittings with tethered caps. It also has a factory micron rating of 15 microns. This vacuum pump’s 6-foot removable power cord is included and the power selector switch can reach between 110 or 220 volts. The U5VP2 5.5 weighs 20 pounds and the handle has a non-slip grip to make moving the unit safe and easy. The U5VP2’s heat-dispersing fins and internal fan help keep the motor running cool. There is also a large sight glass is located on the front of the oil reservoir and allows easy oil level monitoring.

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