ASHRAE is currently reviewing white papers for its 2018 winter conference, which takes place Jan. 20-24 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.  

The society said papers are expected to focus on “resources to design, build, control, commission and operate facilities and infrastructure” that are efficient and resilient, said Michael Collarin, conference chairman.

The conference is focusing on tracks such as standards, fundamentals and applications; systems and equipment; industry trends in resiliency and modeling throughout a building’s life cycle; and progress in specific disciplines, including transportation air conditioning, tall buildings and heat exchange equipment.

“Engineers and designers continue to advance designs to reduce the ecological impact of our built environment on the world around us. It has become second nature,” Collarin said. “However, and seemingly more so in recent years, the industry has needed to take steps to mitigate the impact of the world around us on our built environment. This is especially the case in our transportation, government and mission-critical arenas, where the loss of critical infrastructure can have severe consequences, including the loss of life.”

Among the tracks and programs at the 2018 conference are the earth, wind and fire track, which aims to help owners and design teams to identify and plan for natural elements and possible disasters; the standards, guidelines and codes track, which addresses how these aspects are constantly evolving with the intent of improving the built environment and various systems; the fundamentals and applications tracks, which lays the foundation for understanding applications in engineering, such as thermodynamics, psychometrics, indoor air quality and more; and the HVAC and refrigeration systems and equipment track, which focuses on assisting designers, engineers and operators with the selection of the proper HVAC systems and equipment.

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