The Air Movement and Control Association International held a technical seminar at the Sabic Home of Innovation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in December 2016.  

Sabic is a manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers and metals.

“Hosting an event in Saudi Arabia with an industry leader such as Sabic demonstrates AMCA’s commitment to serving its members and the air-systems industry in the Middle East/North Africa region,” said Mark Stevens, executive director of AMCA International. “The Home of Innovation is an exceptional facility for educating audiences on sustainable engineering and technologies that save energy, carbon emissions and operating costs.”

The event was sponsored by KDK, Panasonic, Maico Gulf and Ruskin Titus Golf, and touched on HVAC construction matters for engineers who work at Saudi organizations. The agenda included several discussions from the seminar’s sponsors on topics like indoor air quality, energy recovery ventilators and effective commercial kitchen ventilation.

“Raising the awareness of the Saudi market about important topics such as indoor air quality standards and certifications is a crucial need that will benefit our company, our country and the region to deliver healthier and more comfortable environments,” said Anas Almathami, marketing specialist at Sabic’s Home of Innovation.