Two YogaFit Studios in Minneapolis faced a room-temperature challenge that required the expertise of 75F, a Burnsville, Minnesota-based startup and maker of connected climate-control products that predict, monitor and manage building needs. 

The yoga studios, located in Linden Hills and Northeast Minneapolis, required continually changing room temperatures to adapt to a variety of yoga classes and open studio time. This meant studio temperatures varied anywhere from 73 to 90°F, but the existing, nonprogrammable digital thermostats weren’t up for the challenge.

75F installed three wireless room modules that are controlled by three central control units. With 75F’s external calendar feature, studio managers are able to automatically set temperatures throughout the day by scheduling the classes in their Google calendar and entering the desired temperature in the subject line. The system then automatically preconditions the room, so the studio is at the desired temperature when students arrive. If no classes are scheduled, the system will default to the desired temperatures set for unoccupied times of the day.

“We needed a partner and solution that could react to our business and not the other way around,” said Ashok Dhariwal, a YogaFit franchisee. “75F delivered a very customized solution based on our business needs, delivered it very fast and has supported us every step of the way.”