Internet startup Good AC Guy has created an online community that serves HVAC contractors and consumers with the launch of its Good Life Blog and coalition of well-versed contributors known as Good Life Gals.

“In an industry that has a less-than-stellar reputation, Good AC Guy is helping improve the customer service experience and redefine the ‘grudge’ purchase of air conditioning,” said Cindy Metzler, president of Good AC Guy. “At Good AC Guy, we showcase reviews, conduct background checks, train contractors and are committed to creating an online experience that provides visitors helpful solutions from contributors like Dawn Gallagher, best-selling author, lifestyle expert and QVC host.”

The lifestyle blog features categories that are important to consumers — such as home, travel, health, culture, DIY, outdoor, fitness and reviews — and is a resource for on-demand advice and inspirational stories from contributors like Metzler, Gallagher and entrepreneur Nancy Donahue.

“Air conditioning is one of the most expensive investments a consumer will make in their home,” Gallagher said. “The Good Life Blog provides an exciting and educational experience that not only helps consumers make smart decisions for their home, but also actually helps them live their lives to the fullest.”

Good AC Guy was announced at the 2016 AHR Expo. Contractors who meet the startup’s standards receive a seal and a profile page that shows reviews, current jobs, certifications, pricing methods, diagnostic fees and more.

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